We are putting the videos of our classes and exercises on YouTube after the FaceBook Live event.

FaceBook Live class schedule for The week of May 18:


9a Barre / Sunny

10a Gentle Yoga / Terri

12p Full Body Weight Blast / Kenzie 

5:30p Butts and Abs / Sophie

6:30p Yoga / Stephanie H



9a Mobility Strength / Kenzie

10a Gentle Yoga / Terri

12p Senior 5-5-5 Chair class / Kenzie 

5:45p Barre / Elisa

7p Yoga / Elisa 



9a Barre / Sunny

10a Gentle Yoga / Terri

12p Arm HIIT / Sophie

5:45p Flow Yoga / Julie

7p Barre / Sunny



9a Mobility Fitness / Kenzie

10a Yoga / Sara 

12p Cardio Blast / Kenzie

2:30p Lower Body Burn / Sophie

5:45p Yoga / Elisa

7p Barre / Elisa



10a Yoga / Sunny

12p Cardio Core / Casey



8a Yoga / Stephanie S

10a Barre / Sunny

12p Full Body Mobility / Sophie



9a Dance Cardio /Devon

12p Low Back Core Stability / Casey

12:30 Slow Burn /Sophie

6pm Yoga / Stephanie S

Classes will be edited and uploaded to YouTube  as soon as we can after the Live event.

They are also all available on our FaceBook page for you to watch whenever you want.

Unedited videos can also be found here on our website for those of you that do not have FaceBook and can't wait for me to edit them for YouTube :-)

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West Coast Fitness has been a part of North Portland since our beginning in 1994. Back then, there wasn't any place in St. Johns to exercise. We actually opened our doors as a World Gym and kept that name for a couple of years. There are still a few members that joined when we were just a trailer in the parking lot. How awesome is that?! There are also kids that grew up in the play room that ended up getting jobs with us.


We take great pride in working and living in North Portland. We can't think of a better place to be. Over the years, we have made some physical changes to the gym, but have always remained true to our vision - providing a great, local gym, with outstanding fitness professionals, for our neighbors.

Terri & Jay

Main Gym


A gym to beat all other gyms.  23,000 square feet of free weights, cardio, Spinning, 30-minute workouts, Zumba, yoga, senior programming, functional training, boxing, trainer-taught classes, child care, and more.

Hot Studio


Hot yoga, hot barre, and more. The studio is in a charming century old building next door to West Coast Fitness.  Detoxify, increase your metabolism, and get into deep stretches with the benefit of heat.

Barbell Club + Outdoor Training


Olympic lifting, barbell training, a sand pit, log obstacle course, cargo net, tire flipping, and more are available to take your training to another level.


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We are in the wonderful St. Johns neighborhood, conveniently located near

I-5, NW Portland, and more

Our Address:

7522 North Lombard St. 

Portland, OR 97203

Hours: Mon-Fri 4am-11pm

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