Sophie Peel

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

I grew up playing tennis, volleyball, beach volleyball and skiing. I went on to be a 4-year Division I athlete in beach volleyball and had the opportunity to compete all over the country during college. Fitness and movement has always been a critical part of who I am, so after college I became a certified personal trainer through NASM. To me, exercise is a powerful antidote to stress and anxiety, a moving meditation, a mental challenge, and incredibly therapeutic. 


I love to work with all types of clients to help them realize their strength and will. I've worked with clients who have had severe chronic injuries, those who were ex-athletes, young athletes just starting their careers, and people who are completely new to the world of fitness. I truly believe that dynamic exercise, conditioning and weight training have the ability to fortify everyone's productivity, mood and life. 


During college, our head coach had us do conditioning and lifting workouts based on Navy SEAL training regimens. That meant fostering camaraderie with teammates, digging deep when things got tough, and learning to hold up the people around you. To this day, my favorite workouts are when I'm able to feed off of the energy surrounding me and help others realize their potential and resiliency.