Sean Brady

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

NASM Integrated Flexibility Training

Growing up, sports were a major part of my life. From the age of five all the way until the end of high school, I was competing. The experiences and lessons gained from competing will forever be priceless but my passion towards sports was not nearly as strong as my passion towards understanding reality. I begun studying Biochemistry at Portland State in pursuit of this passion. I became educated on the biochemical processes that occur in all life, which led me down a path to explore how these fundamental processes affect our health. Simultaneously, my enjoyment from physical activity persisted after my time as a high school athlete, as I continued weightlifting, running, and recreational athletics.

Soon enough, my ground up approach to understand the complicated fundamentals of life caught up with my enjoyment of physical activity. Here, I gained a true fundamental understanding to why physical activity is crucial for one’s well-being. I started applying my knowledge of fitness and nutrition to my life, and the results were (and continue to be) amazing.

I obtained my personal training certificate through NASM while continuing my education at Portland State. Soon after I became a fitness instructor taking groups through intense full body work outs. Here, I quickly learned how individuals’ lifestyles can negatively impact their ability to perform movements; which consequently can lead to problems down the road. Hence, my goal as a trainer is to address lifestyle patterns in order to establish a foundation with which we can build a strong house around in order to not only meet your goals but to help you live a more sustainably enjoyable life.