limited edition t-shirts

buy yours now!

These shirts are a great way to wear your support for your community.

Hanes ComfortSoft 100% cotton.

White shirt, black design.

We will personally deliver them to you in the North/NE Portland area.

Or we can hold it for you.

Delivery will be the week of May 4th.

Of course, we will be respecting all social distancing protocols.

We want our town to re-open!

Sorry, we cannot ship.

If you want someone outside of N/NE Portland to have a shirt, we will get it to you, and you will need to arrange to get it to them.

Only $15.99 each

get fit while still at home

We have come up with some effective home-based workouts you can do during the shutdown.

We want to be a part of your fitness even though you cannot come in to the gym right now.

It is important that you do not lose your gains! Keep you fitness going with these customized 4 week programs.

The suggested price for these training programs is $24.99 each.

However, we are fully aware that sometimes expenses needs to be prioritized.

Because of this, we are pricing them with a "what you feel is right" price.

The price comes up as $0.00, just enter in the price you want to pay.

We are here to support you, and the support you can give us will help us be ready for when we are allowed to re-open.

All programs include access to our new fitness app.

2-way messaging with our trainers is also supported and will be included in the program you buy.

Take advantage of it and get personalized feedback and answers.

Very shortly, the West Coast Fitness app will be available for download - it is in the building stages right now.

This app will be one of the new ways we will be bringing fitness to you when you cannot come to us for fitness!



This is a 2 day a week at home program that helps you achieve a sculpted midsection!

2x per week

30-40 minute sessions


Stay fit at home with these all-level

functional mobility and stability

based routines.


Full body H.I.I.T./Tabata

structured circuit program.

Bodyweight at home. 3x week 30 min ea


Build lean muscle, burn fat,

and improve overall functional strength.

This work out plan includes 3 challenging workouts a week for 4 weeks.

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