Megan Verbout

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

My passion for fitness began with my involvement in athletics at a very young age. I participated in softball, soccer, basketball, and ran cross country at Roosevelt High School where I graduated in 2015. I then went on to play softball at Linfield College. After having my second knee surgery, my participation in organized athletics came to an abrupt halt. This inspired me to acquire knowledge that would benefit not only my rehabilitation efforts after surgery, but also my level of fitness. It was during this time that I decided to begin working as a Personal Trainer. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in physical activity and health during the summer of 2019 and shortly after began pursuing a second bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

As a trainer, it is my goal to simultaneously assist my clients in reaching toward their goals in the gym while also developing habits that will contribute to lifelong health and wellness. I will provide a source of motivation, accountability, encouragement, and education for each of my clients, fueling their fitness journey.