McKenzie Dulmes

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

BS, Health Science

I graduated from Whitworth University with a degree in Health Science and had plans to continue my education in medical school the following year. But I quickly realized I lacked passion for the normalcy that the medical field required of me, and set my sights on a career path that allowed me to live a life that was anything but mundane. So, I did what I do best and freaked my parents by moving to a completely new city and throwing myself full force into the fitness world.
I specialize in Functional Range Conditioning. As a broad definition, I focus on functional mobility, articular resilience, and articular health and longevity. I take my clients through a series of strength and conditioning exercises to determine if they have the capacity to control their joints before loading them with weight. Put simply, it is my job to assess whether or not you have the movement prerequisites needed to train safely and effectively.
I work with individuals recovering from injuries, those who have had chronic joint pain, those who want to improve the overall strength and resilience of their joints, and those who are ready to regain the movement that they have lost throughout regular strength training. My training focuses around your ability to actively achieve greater joint range of motion, and to teach your nervous system how to control these new ranges. This practice combines flexibility, strength, and control to give you the tools you need to handle the chaos and insult on the body
that comes with any form of training.
Start by asking yourself the questions, what were we naturally selected to do? What are you doing on a daily basis? And, on a daily basis, how are you compensating for not doing what you were naturally selected to do? Let’s start there.