Liz McAuliff

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

BS, Human Nutrition Foods and Exercise

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (2024)

My desire to be a personal trainer is rooted in a background of working in the healthcare industry as a first responder for 4 years. I wanted to find a way to contribute to the prevention of the diseases that I was treating in acute situations. I have always been very passionate about health optimization, nutrition, and exercise. As a student of Naturopathic Medicine at NUNM, I have a very holistic view of health and wellness.  I  believe that there are many factors related to fitness and well-being including nutrition, mental health, and support systems.

I want to create a workout environment that feels comfortable, positive, and sustainable to keep you motivated and wanting to come back into the gym. I want to teach you the skills that you need to confidently come into the gym and create your own workouts independently. Ultimately, I strive to help you feel empowered and excited to take charge of your own health and fitness.