Johnny Chinchilla

BS, Applied Health & Fitness

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ADAPT Training Corrective Exercise Specialist

Competing in a variety of sports has always been a big part of my life and has contributed to the person I am today. I have always loved being active, from long hours on the soccer field to early morning runs. Earning my Bachelors of Science in Applied Health and Fitness, along with earning my personal training certification through ACE, has given me the tools necessary to have a direct impact on the lives of others through health and fitness. Health and fitness is life changing, helping others is inspiring and results are motivating.
Three years ago I tore a ligament in my left shoulder and no longer was able to be the athlete I was before. Eventually I was able to get surgery and start my recovery journey. Fortunately through the process I was accepted into a program where I learned corrective exercise and muscular efficiency and was able to apply what I was learning on myself. Through my journey I quickly learned that exercise can be more than just pushing heavier and running faster, it can also be for feeling and moving better.
My philosophy addresses the blueprint of the body and the mechanics of how it moves to fix imbalances to improve the overall quality of movement during workouts and in everyday life. It is important to understand how the body is designed and what it’s being used for. I focus on making sure we're giving our bodies enough movement in all directions for further development. My goal is to empower others, help people feel more confident and make new discoveries. I want to improve actions of daily living, allowing you to move better and more efficiently to continue
doing the activities you love, perform better at your job, and most importantly feel better at the end of the day. All bodies can benefit in some way by working towards more efficient movement and unlocking physical freedom.