Jacob Piho

B.S. Health & Exercise Science

Functional Movement Screen, Level 1 & 2

As a fitness professional, I offer experience and knowledge in specializing with a blend of training methods - techniques in which I immersed myself to become a better competitor and enhance my performance. I’m a former college football player, former Muay Thai competitor, and former Physique competitor. As an athlete, I had my share of sport related injuries and struggle with the repercussions daily. With multiple knee surgeries, along with other injuries, I understand my capabilities. Therefore, I listen, respond accordingly, and do what is best for my mind, body, and spirit.  
My focus with training is personalized for you through proper guidance and application. Each exercise/program performed has a specific purpose based on your goals and needs.
The goal of feeling better, moving better, and looking better, all starts with thinking better. So, if you are willing to make an investment in yourself, I’ll be glad to help and support you through your journey with health and fitness.

Specializations include corrective exercise, sports nutrition, physique enhancement, and strength/power/metabolic/core training.