Diana Aalberg


Mission statement: Dance, sweat, repeat

I have been a self defense and tai chi instructor on/off for 10 years, and a Zumba instructor for 3.
Besides loving fitness, I'm also a vet tech, lover of animals, terrified of spiders and kind of a plant hoarder.

Brandy Benedict

Spinning® Certified Cycling Instructor

Incorporating regular exercise into my life was a struggle for me for many years. I always found myself coming back to Spinning. I appreciated being coached through a workout, having opportunities to challenge myself, and the satisfaction of knowing I did something good for myself at the start of my day. I became a Certified Spinning Instructor in 2017 to further my knowledge about fitness and to share the Spinning experience with others. My classes are energetic and incorporate a diverse assortment of music. Because Spinning class riders control how much speed, energy, and resistance they apply during a class, Spinning classes are inclusive of all fitness levels. You don’t have to ride a bike on the street to be capable in Spinning. I can help you get set up on a bike before class and answer your questions. Whether you are new or returning to Spinning, I hope you get a good workout, have some fun, and leave class feeling like it was a worthwhile way to start your day.

Emily Canibano


Yoga has been a part of my life for over 25 years and has helped me to become more flexible in body and mind.  In my classes I love to combine my knowledge of various styles of yoga, and expertise in health, fitness and wellness to create a compassionate environment where each student feels welcomed and leaves feeling refreshed and balanced.

Terri Chadney

Yoga, Hot Yoga

I love teaching yoga. I have been practicing since 1994, and became a certified instructor in 2000 at White Lotus in Santa Barbara under the teachings of Ganga White and Tracey Rich. I teach a "non-competetive" gentle class that uses classic and modified poses, linked with breath. The focus of the class is to increase strength & flexibility, allowing relaxation to emerge from that. 

Viktor Chubar


Viktor very recently came to the US from the Ukraine. He teaches his class the way Eastern Europeans are taught. In his home country, Viktor's job was to train good fighters and turn them in to champion fighters. Come to class prepared for a challenging, no frills boxing workout.

Elisa Cresto

Hot Yoga, Barre, Yoga

Catherine Egan

Yoga, Conditioning, Barre, Senior Fitness

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Silver Sneakers MSROM, Cardio Circuit, Yoga Stretch I - Silver & Fit - Tai Chi Moving For Better Balance

Hello, Catherine here. I have a wry sense of humor and foster a welcoming space for all to move. My training foundation is dance with additional credentials in Western exercise science and Eastern integrative practices. I have been an ACE certified professional for over 20 years and love to teach! 
My classes are geared toward a broad range of participants. I appreciate the community vibe at West Coast Fitness and strive to create an inclusive environment for every member.

Terri Fisher

Spinning, Conditioning, CrossTraining, Hot Barre

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Spinning® Certified Cycling Instructor, BarreAbove Certified Instructor

I coach a variety of different classes. Although, they are different styles, they usually have two things in common, strength training and high intensity training. I like to push athletes to, so they get the best workout that they can. Even though most of my workouts are challenging, I also really like to have fun. Exercise doesn't have to be so serious. My ultimate goal is to provide great workouts, coach great form and have a good time. Hopefully, athletes walk away knowing they got the most out of the 30 or 60 minutes they spent with me (and maybe even laughed a little).

Stephanie Hitchcock


I have been a student of yoga for over 15 years. From the moment I took my first class, I immediately felt the many benefits and blessings that yoga brings to one’s life. Having tried many ways to cope with pain caused by scoliosis, Yoga allowed me to minimize the effects by strengthening my back and increasing my flexibility. Working 20+ years in corporate business and being a single parent, I am a firm believer that asanas, meditation and breath work can assist individuals that are coping with stress and anxiety. My motto is: “Yoga is better than happy hour!” Anyone can participate in yoga; everyone may just do it a little different. It’s all about where your body can take it. In 2009, I concluded training and obtained my 200-level certification. I am very excited to help bring Hatha yoga into other’s lives.

Everyone is welcome to join!

Melisse Kuhn

Spinning® Certified Cycling Instructor

Spin is as much about the strength and endurance of the mind as it is the body. Whether you're CrossTraining for your primary sport, training in the off season, returning to exercise after an injury, enhancing your personal health and fitness, ...or maybe you're coming back to cycling, I'm excited to meet you, support you in your goals and share a ride.  Let's do this together!

Jan Lochridge

Spinning® Certified Cycling Instructor, Star 3

StrongFirst KettleBell Certified SFG1, ACE Certified Personal Trainer, TRX Certified Suspension Trainer, 

I used to watch the Spinning class from the elliptical - intrigued, but scared to try it. But once I did, I discovered an activity I loved. I lost fat and got a lot stronger. I became a certified Spinning instructor and have been teaching classes since 2008. Spinning is one of the best cardio-respiratory exercises you can do. You will burn a lot of calories, build aerobic and muscular endurance, and speed up your metabolism. Yes, it's hard work, but it's also fun - and you won't believe how good you will feel after class. And most importantly, you're in charge - you decide how hard to work. I will get you set up on the bike and coach you through the ride. We have a wonderful Spinning community here - the classes are full of energy and music.  So don't be intimidated - come spin with us!

Alisha McCormack


Patria McCoy


I’ve been teaching Zumba Fitness classes for 7 years and I absolutely love it! Since my journey started at age 40, I’ve lost almost 200 pounds and I am still going strong. So, needing to lose weight is NOT an acceptable excuse to skip my class. I was teaching at over 300 pounds!. My classes are designed for all fitness levels  and are FUN because my steps/choreography are simple which allows my students to feel successful while getting a good workout. Besides it’s not about the steps or being a good dancer; it’s about FEELING THE MUSIC! “Let it move you!”

Devon Neves


Julie Navarre

Hot Yoga

Valerie Peterson


Edith Shamrell


I am a certified yoga therapist who has been teaching yoga for the last 17 years. I took a 4 year yoga training at "EFY " in Paris, France, and also studied in the South of India. I have been fortunate to teach yoga in 3 different countries and in 3 different languages. I`m originally from Barcelona, Spain, but lived and taught yoga for many years in Paris.

I believe that yoga is for every BODY, and given the appropriate tools and guidance, anybody can benefit. I apply my knowledge of yoga therapeutics to design classes that are safe and adapted to the needs of my students. The structure of my yoga classes is an anatomical logical sequence of poses where each posture sets the foundation for the next. Efficiently warming up the whole body (muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments), creates body alignment and breath awareness, freeing the body from imbalances or unnecessary body tensions. The ultimate goal is to create an overall sense of wellbeing and mind - body balance.

Stephanie Singer

Yoga, Hot Yoga

Sunny Subramanian

Yoga, Hot Yoga

I'm an RYT 200 pink-haired yogini, mama of 2 adorable boys, a vegan beauty junkie, animal lover, and self-proclaimed crazy cat lady. My yoga classes incorporate rhythmic Vinyasas, creative transitions, mindful attention to breath, alignment, strength and flexibility, accompanied by a killer playlist.

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