Gene Faes

Endurance athlete

B.S., Exercise Science

My objective is turning my passion for fitness into helping others achieve their goals. I have been driven as an elite level bike racer to maximize performance gains but also understand the importance of muscle balance and flexibility. It is easy to want quick short-term results but true transformation takes proper training, dedication, education and drive (motivation)-that is a winning formula for getting to your goals. No matter where you start, we can achieve some goals.


We all encounter some type of setback in life, finding ways to break through. In 2019 while out on a training ride I was struck by a car and had to get corrective surgery and learn to walk again. Getting fit after that experience made me realize the importance of commitment and dedication to my healthy active lifestyle


Climbing the fitness mountain can be challenging for everyone but once you've established a healthy lifestyle change it gets easier to maintain. Finding the time with a busy schedule can be challenging but is key to lifelong transformation. The ideal goals can be met with overhauling lifestyles and forming healthy habits. We are all individuals with specific struggles and setbacks that can be reversed and improved upon with the proper direction. I'd like to be that influence for you.