Duffy Goodner

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

ACE Behavior Change Specialist

My parents started me in sports as soon as possible and my fitness journey progressed from there as I competed in soccer, track, rugby and downhill ski racing. In my first two years post-high school, I continued to compete in downhill ski racing while also beginning to dive more into weightlifting and understanding the true fundamentals of fitness through my coaches.
When I was 21, I enlisted in the Army as an infantryman with the 82 nd Airborne Division. After two years, I was chosen to attend the assessment, selection and qualification for a unit within the US Special Operations Command. Throughout the physically and mentally grueling training, I learned a lot about pushing the body's limits and proper recovery. After completing the training, I deployed to the Middle East three times and had to maintain my physical fitness in various environments. In 2018, I decided to leave the military and obtained my personal training certification so that I could help people find the enjoyment for health and fitness that I have.
I've done a wide variety of training, from bodybuilding to CrossFit to triathlons. I believe every version of training has merits and it's about finding what you enjoy the most and will help you get excited about working out. The number one factor for me is learning the fundamentals of each exercise. Mastering the movements will help you see better long-term results and significantly reduce the risk of injury. Behavior change doesn't happen overnight and my goal is to help guide people towards a lifelong journey of health and fitness.