Devon Jones

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

I started my fitness journey with weight training and conditioning for sports growing up. I played football, baseball and swam a bit. During that time I incurred a few injuries that set me back in my athletic performance. Through my rehabilitation process I learned a good deal of injury prevention and corrective movements. I realized I enjoyed the education piece of fitness and began to dive further to better myself. The more I learned and more I changed my workouts to a more functional strength based style, the more I found people approaching for advice and help. Thus began my career in training and strength coaching. 


I have worked with everyone from young athletes training for D1 colleges to senior populations looking for more mobility in their day to day lives. I have been hired as the strength coach for a handful of middle school to high school programs and pride myself in being able to scale workouts to the individual's abilities and background. Whether I'm working with experienced athletes or newcomers to the gym the fundamental goals of stability, functional movement and strength remain the same. 


Exercise has become an integral part of my daily life and I can't express enough the benefits of a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I have come to appreciate the habits we build both inside and outside the walls of fitness and how big of a role they play in life. I hope to not only help others build strong bodies but also strong routines around health.