APRIL 20, 2020

It has now been 30 days since Governor Brown took steps to curb the spread of Coronavirus in Oregon.  We have been able to finish some of the projects in the club. There are still some things we want to do. We really wanted to get the outdoor weight room ready for when everyone comes back. Part of the process is buying new weight plates for the main weight room. The new benches and squat racks need some new plates to match! The current iron would be moved outside. Money is a big factor at this point. The 2 leasing companies we normally go through are not writing leases for health clubs right now, and cashflow is obviously waaaay down. I still have hope.


We have a special WCF t-shirt available now. Made just for this time in our lives. We took our popular design and tweaked it a bit. You can pre-order your shirt here.

Our personal trainers are now using a specialized fitness app in order to be more engaging and effective with clients during this time of at-home workouts. This app will soon be WCF branded and available in your app sore. The app will allow for a ton of creative ideas for our trainers and their clients. In the meantime, we have created 4 home-based workouts that are available for download. The programs are 2-3 workouts per week for 4 weeks. The suggested price is $24.99, but we have given them a "pay what you can" option. We hope there is something there you feel is beneficial to your fitness.

Click here to be taken to the workout page.

APRIL 4, 2020

We are currently offering specially discounted Home Training Bundles so that you can keep up your workouts while temporarily at home.
We have come up with 3 pre-made bundles:

Bundle #1
Suspension strap system with multiple attachments, door anchor, medicine ball, resistance bands

Bundle #2
Kettlebell, aqua bag, slam ball

Bundle #3
Aqua ball with pump, and strength bands

You can zero out any products in the bundle that you do not want. You can also add any items in the Aktiv Store at 20% off as well, and can be added to your cart. Product will be shipped to you directly from Aktiv Solutions. Shipping is free for orders over $250.
I spoke to them and their shipping goes out very fast to you!


Here is their YouTube page:


APRIL 1, 2020

As we begin April, we are all wondering what will happen. These are unprecedented times, for sure. We have been busy deep-cleaning the club. We are moving everything to get it all clean in, around, and under. We are going strong on our FaceBook page with LIVE classes you can join in on. They are also saved on FaceBook so you can re-watch them later. Uploading them to our YouTube channel, on the other hand, is a slow process. Editing them only takes me a few minutes, but it is the upload that is driving me crazy. It takes over an hour to upload a 30 minute class, and half the time, it freezes on the upload. I am doing my best so those of you that do not have FaceBook can still watch the classes.

Personal training is still happening. Our trainers are meeting clients in video conferencing sessions. We are offering introductory 30 minute packages as well. You can get personal, professional guidance to keep you fit even though you are not coming into the club.

4 sessions for $129

6 sessions for $179

Send an email to Janna to get started on one of these packages. janna@pdxgym.com


MARCH 28, 2020


To our valued members;


All memberships will be put on our $10/month freeze starting April 1, 2020. The reality of this is that we will need to secure some sort of loan so that we can remain in business after the shutdown has ended. This is truly a devastating scenario we are in. 

Those of you that continue to make your regular membership payments will be rewarded with a dollar-for-dollar gym credit to be used at a later time. You can use the credit for personal training, an InBody scan, drinks, tanning, etc. Please email myaccount@pdxgym.com and let us know if you are wanting to make your regular or partial dues payments.

Paid-inFull memberships will be extended by the amount of time were are closed.

We are a small business and your support will go a long way to helping us get through this so that we are still in business when life returns to normal.


We appreciate your support during this time. We will be retaining as many employees as we can to help you with your workouts during our shut down. Our instructors and personal trainers will be providing useful content and full classes online for you to maintain part of your fitness. Most of the classes will be held live on FaceBook. The schedule of events is posted below. Check back each day as we may need to make adjustments.


The classes will also be uploaded  to our YouTube channel after editing them for sound, etc.


Our expenses and theirs do not stop, so we are grateful for your continued support. We want to be here for you when life returns to normal.

What we are doing during the shut down:

- Streaming live content for you to stay fit

- Continuing to do as much remodeling and beautification as the government order will allow us

- Janna will be manning our telephone so you can talk to a live person.

Yours in health,


Jay, Terri and the rest of our awesome crew

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