Casey Jara

B.A. Psychology & Pre-Health Professions

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

2 Years in M.S. Cardiovascular  Science

I have always been drawn to physical activity and competing in sports. Over the years it has evolved from ice hockey and soccer, to climbing mountains and skiing.  These activities have led to numerous injuries, recoveries, and ultimately a deep passion for understanding how the body functions. I also enjoy keeping up with research in cardiac disease, fluid dynamics, and innovative treatments because humans are so complex. After healing from a chronic back injury, I was inspired to become a trainer and focus on helping others heal themselves.


My experience training clients has included:

-athletes building strength while preventing injuries

-people experiencing chronic pain/old injuries to reduce compensation imbalances

-people who find the gym environment intimidating/overwhelming

-people who want to find exercises they actually enjoy