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Update December 3, 2020

Our outdoor facility is now open for workouts for all members during our adjusted operations. As long as you are paying and current with your dues, come on in and get a real gym workout. Smith Machines, Olympic benches, the obstacle course, tire flipping, lifting platform, cardio, and more! Hours are 10am-4pm, but they will be extending as we get our huge carport, lights, and more people coming in for workouts.


November 17, 2020

As you might have heard, Governor Brown is shutting down health clubs again. We will be closed from November 18 for at least 4 weeks.

It is very disheartening. Across the country, gyms have been reporting their Coronavirus cases, and the infection rate from gyms is statistically zero. Restaurants, bars, and health clubs have been putting in so much effort to be the safest environment during this pandemic, yet we are now faced with closure again. Many of us that made it through the first shut-down, won’t make it out of this one. That is a fact.

Since March, we have lost 30% of our members to cancellations. Of the members that have stayed, many are on an indefinite freeze. The income loss is staggering - more than the 30% membership decline would lead you to believe.

During this new shut-down we are making the decision to suspend all monthly membership dues starting with the November 22nd cycle. Dues will automatically resume once we are allowed to re-open. We appreciate those of you that kept your dues going during the last closure in the spring. It saved us, quite literally. We were so thankful for your support.

If you want to support us this time, it would be awesome! With the continued decline in memberships, any support we receive will directly affect the future of WCF. You can help by continuing to pay your monthly dues. As a benefit to keeping your dues active, you will get free access to our online streaming classes (see below). We are proud of the job our team did in creating these videos during the spring closure. Everyone involved came together to create something we are proud of.

Please email right away if you want to keep your dues going. 




As far as exercise goes, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stay healthy. Maintaining an active, healthy body is huge in the fight against this virus. We have created a website dedicated to streaming classes, at-home workouts, weight loss programs, and more. You can help yourself, and help us, by enrolling in one or more of these programs:

Safe & Fit At Home
A 28 day program to stay fit, healthy, and moving while away from the gym. The course includes a wide variety of exercises for all fitness levels. Core work, cardio classes, and more.

Go here https://pdxfitnessonline.net/classes/safe-and-fit-at-home/

10 Week 20 Pound Weight Loss

Do this at home with little equipment. Shed body fat, increase energy, and Tone up! This is not a skate in the park plan, but one designed for results.

Go here https://pdxfitnessonline.net/classes/20lbs-weight-loss/

12 Week Full Body Re-Shape

5 days a week to re-shape and re-program your body into a leaner, stronger physical specimen! Specific training practices, and a healthy diet along with muscle building, fat burning exercises will give you results.

Go here https://pdxfitnessonline.net/classes/totalbodyreshape/

Streaming Fitness Classes

Get this for free by maintaining your monthly dues. Join some of our amazing trainers and instructors from the comfort of your living room with these 20 minute workouts. Barre, yoga, cardio, HIIT, mobility. We have it all. New classes are continuing to be added to the library. Don’t bring a stranger into your home, workout with the people you already know!

Go here https://pdxfitnessonline.net/classes/stream/


* Streaming Fitness Class package is included for free in any of the packages listed above and below. Please email your request for a discount code for the classes.

* We won’t leave you stranded. We provide constant communication throughout your program.


Other Programs Available

  • 6 Week 12 Pound Weight Loss

  • 6 Weeks of Abs!

  • 4 Week Dumbbell Focus

Plus, we can create custom programs that fit your specific needs.

Reach out to David to discuss any of these exercise programs. His email is fitsimpleds503@gmail.com


Thank you for being a part of the best gym around!

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